About Hello Sister

Hello Sister is an online marketing showplace for brands owned, created, and run by women.

This “sisterhood” is featured in a directory, dynamic posts, and even videos that can be shared by affiliate marketers and publishers.

Hello Sister also promotes women-owned brands with affiliate programs.

Our mobile app will allow shoppers to find women-owned businesses in any location.

Brands can also leverage our award-winning advertising and film production expertise to get Group Marketing Buying Power.

Brands share stories, talent, and locations to get edited world-class 4k videos for a fraction of the traditional cost.  Brands looks great together and cross-sell.

Women started an average of 1,821 new businesses per day in the U.S. between 2017-2018.

Four out of 10 U.S. businesses are now women-owned. They employ 8% of the total private sector workforce and contribute 4.3% of total revenues.

The combined women-owned and firms equally owned by men and women (14,622,700) account for 48% of all businesses.

However, women-owned businesses often receive less funding and earn less revenue than men.

Many attribute their success to a willingness to collaborate with other women-owned firms.

Our core target is college women.

There are 12.4 million women college students in the U.S (58%), representing $100 billion in annual discretionary spending and $300 billion in total spending.

They make major purchases year-round and form brand loyalties at this time in their lives. 43% recommend a brand they learn about from peers.

Posts and videos will feature college women enjoying women-owned brands — everything from apparel to snacks to beauty care.

Say hello to collective marketing buying power for women-owned brands.

Say hello to Hello Sister.  The Women Owned Marketing Entertainment Network: W.O.M.E.N.