Hello Sister is a new online entertainment and e-commerce platform for college women.


Hello Sister will feature videos, music, lifestyle, and shopping.  Hello Sister will feature brands for and from women.


Stories will cover academics, athletics, dorm and campus life, relationships, and culture, and also explore dynamic college cites and towns.


Relationships that represent “a sisterhood” will include roommates, teammates, classmates, coaches, professors, instructors, and even parents.


Despite varied backgrounds, interests, and academic pursuits, they share common experiences, dreams, challenges, achievements, and awakenings during this profoundly enlightening and transformative time in their lives.

Stories will feature women students in nursing, fashion design, music, science, technology, communication, urban planning, equestrian, and squash. 


These nine story lines will loosely find inspiration from the nine Greek Muses.


Stories will also integrate Greek life, on-campus and national sororities, their history, interests, charities, and causes.

Hello Sister will also have a companion e-commerce platform.


This special online marketplace is where participating brands can sell directly to viewers of the series.


Brands can also run targeted ads and promotions.


Businesses in college towns can also reach this large audience.


More than 56% of college students in the US — 11.2 million — are women.


Annual college discretionary spending is more than $200 billion.


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Music will be a vital element of the series, with songs by contemporary women artists serving as a narrative device.


Stories will be, in effect, like music videos, with a duration dictated by the length of the song.


Just as music videos, music streaming, and music downloads are integral to college students’ lives, music will be at the core of Hello Sister.


Videos and stories will be unveiled throughout the school year, to continually drive traffic to the site.