Though the major sneaker brands now have options designed by women, you won’t find many sneaker brands founded by women.  An exception is BANGS Shoes, an adventure inspired footwear company created by Hannah Davis to make the world a better place.  BANGS Shoes are modeled after simple work boots worn by workers and farmers Hannah discovered while teaching English in China.  The name BANGS comes from the Chinese character for “help.”

BANGS Shoes’ business model is built to invest 20% of net profits to help select entrepreneurs invest in their business ideas.  All entrepreneurs are vetted and the loan dissemination and repayment is facilitated by its nonprofit partner,

BANGS Shoes are made from 100% vegan, ethically sourced materials inside a factory whose workers are treated with dignity and respect.

With a social mission that invests in entrepreneurs around the world, and a brand Ambassador Program focused on encouragement and connection, BANGS Shoes has found a way to transcend cultural and geographic boundaries to focus on uplifting people.

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