Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel

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Via @NYTimes: "Ms. Patel and Mr. Burbank met on Coffee Meets Bagel in Nashville in May 2017. Ms. Patel, still reeling from the breakup of a one-year “terrible relationship,” as she called it, was in the midst of an eight-month solo trip around the country in search of herself.⁣ ⁣ They agreed to meet and go for a hike at Shelby Bottoms, a nature preserve in East Nashville.⁣ Mr. Burbank tried to impress Ms. Patel with his familiarity of the trails at Shelby Bottoms, but they got lost in the woods for four hours. Ms. Patel became frustrated, but rather than tell Mr. Burbank to take another hike, she decided to stay the course, and they went to Rosepepper, a Mexican cantina in East Nashville, where they drank margaritas and shared a meal during what turned out to be a very successful nine-hour first date.⁣ ⁣ In April 2018, the couple bought a farm in Nashville, which they share with five chickens, a Border-Collie mix and visiting wild turkeys, coyotes, raccoons, vultures and hawks.⁣ ⁣ “My life is the opposite of what it was two years ago,” Ms. Patel said. “I went from living with two roommates in a basement apartment in Brooklyn to sharing 20 acres with my partner, and I get to write and draw and travel for a living.” #CMBCouple #CoffeeMetBagel

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Coffee Meets Bagel is a San Francisco-based dating and social media app and website created by three sisters originally from New York City: Arum, Dawoon, and Soo Kang.  The app differs from other dating apps by limiting the number of profiles users can interact with each day and offering unique ice-breaker information for matches.  Coffee Meets Bagel looks at each user’s Facebook account to help identify potential matches.  A user is exposed to at least one match per day, but can only contact their matches if they “Like” them and their matches “Like” them back.  Every day at noon, receive quality matches curated just for you by its ever-evolving algorithm.  Share the true you and get to know your matches with profiles that dig deep.  Skip the small talk and spark meaningful conversation with personalized Icebreakers.

The Coffee Meets Bagel name comes from the sisters’ belief that meeting for coffee is the perfect first date, while the Bagel part is a nod to their NYC roots.

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