Culinary Collective

Betsy Power, co-founder and CEO of Culinary Collective, is always dreaming up new ways to save the world.  Her background in architecture and community-based development has been put to good use in the product sourcing and development department. Betsy is a proponent of responsible business practices at a national level.  Culinary Collective specializes in locating and importing high quality specialty gourmet food products from Spain and Peru.  Culinary Collective supports small scale independently owned producers of traditional products.

When you purchase these products, you support local communities and preserves food cultures.  Culinary Collective works with small family and community companies that take pride in producing all natural foods using methods and recipes passed down through the generations. Within the Collective are member companies that specialize in distinct regions of the World: Matiz España, Zócalo, Arroyabe, Arvum, Dequmana, Blanxart, Corazon del Sol, Castillo de Canena, Azafrán Oro, Olivar de la Luna, Priorat Natur, Rey de la Vera, Puremiel, Castillo de Canena, Aneto, Paul and Pippa, and La Masia.

Here is a video we created for Culinary Collective: