Since 2014, eXXpedition has been running all-women sailing voyages with a focus on plastics and toxics in our ocean.  Over 100 multidisciplinary crew members have been sailing on 11 voyages completing citizen science, community outreach and exploring how they can apply their skills to plastic pollution.

eXXpedition’s mission is to 1) Raise awareness of the devastating impact of single-use plastic and toxics in the world’s oceans, 2) Celebrate women in science, leadership and adventure, 3) Create a community of female, multidisciplinary, change-makers and inspire global ambassadors to tackle plastic pollution and its environmental and health impacts, and 4) Champion and contribute to innovative scientific research to tackle the crisis.

Crews consist of a multidisciplinary and international group of 300 women scientists, artists, filmmakers, teachers, doctors, and sustainability experts split over 30 voyage legs.  Every crew is diverse in background, age, and experience in the hope that women from equally diverse backgrounds will also be inspired to take action.

eXXpedition Round the World will be at the forefront of science on ocean plastics by collecting data and samples for influential global studies.  This work helps to fill gaps in data, engaging female ocean ambassadors in scientific research and citizen science initiatives along with finding innovative new ways to communicate the results to a broader audience.

Photo and video by Eleanor Church of Lark Rise Pictures.

On dry land, eXXpedition crews have contributed to over 500 events worldwide from talks and film screenings, local schools to conferences, universities and global companies about the missions and issues relating to our oceans, human mindset and future society.  eXXpedition Round the World allows it to reach more people, and collaborate with local organizations and communities.

The pollution challenge our oceans face is a global one, and it will take an inspired army of passionate, skilled, and experienced people to tackle it.  The multidisciplinary crews on eXXpedition voyages are encouraged to collaborate and take part in workshops to expand their knowledge and focus on where their skills can be applied to the plastic problem.

Emily Penn is Co-Founder and Director of eXXpedition.  She has spent the last eight years leading global expeditions — taking everyday individuals to the most remote parts of the planet, to connect with the challenges facing our ocean, primarily focusing on ocean plastics.  Co-Founder and Advisor Lucy Gilliam is a professional change-maker with a degree in Biology and PhD in Molecular Microbiology, who works to tackle climate impact and pollution from shipping and aviation.

The next eXXpedition, starting in October 2019 and concluding September 2021: Plymouth, UK – Azores – North Atlantic Gyre – Antigua – Bonaire – Aruba – San Blas – Panama – Galapagos – Easter Island – South Pacific Gyre – Tahiti – Cook Islands – Tonga – Fiji – Vanuatu – Cairns – Darwin – Perth – Indian Ocean Gyre – Mauritius – Madagascar – Cape Town – South Atlantic Gyre – Recife – Fernando de Noronha – Grenada – St Lucia – Bermuda – Halifax – Labrador – Disko Bay – Nuuk – Iceland – Lofoten – Oslo – London, UK.

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