In 2003, Amelia Kirchoff was diagnosed with breast cancer.  After speaking with her daughter, Jola, Amelia decided to fight the cancer with a macrobiotic, plant-based diet as an alternative to traditional treatment.  In the face of adversity, Jola and Amelia bonded together, fought the cancer and Amelia won.  During her battle with cancer, Amelia created the MacroBar recipe in her kitchen on the Wisconsin family farm.  In the years following, Amelia and Jola began spreading the power of a plant-based diet, balanced lifestyle and conscious practices through GoMacro.

Since the brand’s launch in 2004, they’ve grown from selling MacroBars at local markets to national distribution in over 20,000 locations. The success of GoMacro has only fueled their passion for spreading awareness to the world about the benefits of balanced, plant-based living.  Today, Jola runs the business and when Amelia is not tending to the farm or overseeing production, she is working with the innovations team to develop the newest GoMacro recipe.

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