Say hello to opportunities for:


  1. Investor Sisters interested in brand entertainment and e-commerce.  Why invest as an Investor?  Because Hello Sister entertainment will ultimately lead to a dynamic online marketplace, featuring products and services for and from women representing the top business categories for sales and advertising revenue.
  2. Brand Sisters who want to reach affluent and influential shoppers.  Why invest as a Brand?  Because in today’s mobile world, nothing is seen and shared more than music-driven video, and brands that have quality video content get better results for awareness, search engine optimization, and sales conversion.
  3. Entrepreneurial Networker Sisters who can connect brands, locations, and events.  Why invest as a Networker?  Because we’ll pay a 20% commission.  If you’re a savvy sales representative, event planner, real estate broker, travel agent, hospitality manager, or communications director, you’re qualified.  And you probably already know many complementary businesses who would look good together and love to get high quality marketing and video production at a fraction of the traditional cost.



Hello Sister will be a unique Entertainment + E-Commerce platform for college women.

There are 11.2 million college women in the U.S., plus an equal number who have recently graduated.  Many are just starting to form their loyalty for brands.

Stories about academics, athletics, and lifestyle will highlight the bonds between college women and their classmates, teammates, roommates, teachers and coaches.

Stories will be told through short videos that feature songs by women musical artists.

The videos will present numerous opportunities to integrate brands, which can also receive edited brand-focused versions for their own marketing use.

Those brands are also featured in the Hello Sister online marketplace, a curated selection of products and service for and from women.



College students represent $200 billion in annual discretionary spending.  Back-to-school expenditures exceed $30 billion.

During the school year, college students spend more than $5 billion on clothes and shoes, and another $4 billion on personal care.

Brookings reports that over the course of her lifetime, a Bachelor of Arts graduate will represent nearly $300,000 more than the average high school graduate in discretionary spending.



Hello Sister will connect this audience with massive buying power to brand categories with significant ad spending.

Digital ad spending in the U.S. for 2018 was projected to be $107.30 billion, led by retail ($23.5 billion), automotive ($13.57 billion), financial services ($13.05 billion), telecom ($11.43 billion), consumer packaged goods ($9.40 billion), travel ($8.59 billion), computers/consumer electronics ($8.33 billion), media ($6.52 billion), entertainment ($5.45 billion), and healthcare/pharmaceutical ($2.84 billion).



Hello Sister will have several potential revenue streams:

1) Direct paid integrated brands

2) Full-service HD film and digital marketing services

3) Online advertising through major social and media platforms

4) Affiliate marketing

5) Advertising fees at e-commerce website



Top-tier brands will represent key business categories of cosmetics, travel, fashion/retail, automotive, consumer electronics, music streaming, financial/healthcare services, and luxury goods.

Brands can also receive a number of marketing assets at various levels of investment.  Click here to see options and Pricing.



Hello Sister will have a companion e-commerce platform that features integrated brands. 

So brands can sell directly to viewers, and cross-sell with other great brands.


Hello Sister aims to be the go-to source for entertainment and shopping for young women.