Maa Boo

Maa Boo

Featured image from the fashion blog created by Crisanti Kouroupi, Here C Comes.

Greece is the word.  Inspired by this country with year-round sunshine, Maa Boo is the “fantasy island” and swimwear brand created by friends Anna and Iloi, friends since childhood.

Anna and Iloi’s collections of bikinis and one-piece suits immediately gained reputation for their sophisticated but joyful patterns, exotic motifs, innovative colorways, contemporary cuts, and soft, buttery fabrics that shape the body in the most flattering ways.

Maa Boo is dedicated in creating unique designs with attention to detail, impeccable craftsmanship, durable materials, and uncompromising elegance, for all free-spirited, bohemian-chic girls who know best that heart is where the sun shines bright: at the beach.

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