After 20 years serving low-income communities via entrepreneurship and education programs β€” and managing large teams β€” Stephanie Morimoto knew firsthand the physical and mental toll of multi-tasking, and the importance of truly caring for yourself.Β  She also saw the value in strong training and coaching, and in every individual’s potential to secure a better life and accomplish more than she ever thought possible.

This combination of experiences led her to start Asutra, now a line of more than 50 organic, cruelty-free, natural products β€” from skin care, body scrubs and soaks, aromatherapy, to pain relief β€” that help people refresh their minds, re-energize their bodies, and replenish their souls.Β  With 10,000 5-star reviews online, Asutra is the go-to for individuals who understand that active self care is key to getting the most out of life.

They even make a product to detox your yoga mat.

Asutra uses organic plants, minerals, and essential oils to craft products that work.Β  They intentionally offer our products at accessible prices so that anyone can benefit from active self care.

Asutra doesn’t use artificial ingredients that can cause skin irritation, or potentially harmful chemicals like parabens, phthalates, and petroleum. And absolutely no animal testing.

At Asutra, 70% of its staff are women of color, and 100% would recommend Asutra as a great place to work.Β  Asutra has even attracted tennis champion Venus Williams as an investor.

Stephanie began her career at McKinsey & Company advising clients in financial services and retail, before setting out to help women in Chicago start small businesses.Β  She generated $500M of revenue for two national education organizations, New Leaders and Teach For America.

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