Childhood friends Sarah Ribner and Jess Edelstein were both purging their bathroom cabinets of conventional toxic products, formulating many of their own personal care items using pure, nourishing, natural ingredients.  The goal was a complete overhaul, but creating an antiperspirant without chemical ingredients was especially challenging.  Jess was determined and didn’t stop until she formulated a deodorant that worked for both of them.  It took over a hundred test batches and almost a year as her own deodorant guinea pig until she had one that was good enough for Sarah to try.  To test it out, Sarah took it on a trip to Central and South America where it held up while she trekked through the hot, humid weather.  With a sharp eye for great business opportunities, Sarah declared that this product should be brought to the masses to fill a real need for truly effective natural deodorant.  And so they banded together, launching PiperWai, an all-natural charcoal crème deodorant that absorbs sweat and neutralizes odor.  They decided to go global through a successful crowdfunding campaign and an appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank, creating unprecedented demand in the market for charcoal deodorant.

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