Growing up surrounded by cork oak trees, Corkor founders Natália Guerreiro and Vítor Lopes learned from a young age to love and respect them.  Later in life, they wondered, why isn’t cork used more in vegan fashion?  Because cork is a premium natural material, Corkor’s handbags, wallets, and other products are 100% animal free and bear the PETA-approved vegan certification.

Handmade in Portugal by local artisans, they look, feel and even behave like leather — minus the cruelty.

All of its cork leather is FSC® certified.  This accreditation ensures the protection and adequate harvesting of the cork oak forest.  The cork is obtained by removing the outer bark of the tree, without cutting or harming it.  As the bark replenishes, cork can be harvested again and again.  Corkor also donates 1% of every sale to your charity of choice at checkout, including Animal Equality, The Good Food Institute, The Humane League, PETA, and Trees For The Future.

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