Fishers Island Lemonade

While Bronya Shillo was growing up, her family owned the only bar on Fishers Island, NY, a seven-mile island near Connecticut in Long Island Sound.  When she became old enough to tend bar, she enjoyed the craft of mixing drinks.

Each Friday, she’d blend their signature drink — lemonade mixed with premium spirits and honey — in 15 liter batches.  Immensely popular with the summer crowd, it would barely last the weekend.  One night she thought, “What if I canned our lemonade?”  And hence, Fishers Island Lemonade was concocted.

When you enjoy one on a hot summer afternoon, know that you also help to support environmental causes: Fishers Island Lemonade donates a portion of sales to local organizations and has partnered with 1% For The Planet.

Photo of Bronya from Beverage Journal.

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