Kent School

Kent School

As an independent boarding school in keeping with the Episcopal Church, Kent School is a leading secondary school with a rich tradition and history since its founding in 1906.

The Kent experience — learning, growing, making friends — will change a young person’s life. Kent School prepares students for the rigors of college. Students will share in the joy of being a member of a close-knit community and learn the importance of serving others.

The School’s curriculum is at once ancient and modern, as it embraces all the liberal arts, including experiential learning in numerous fields. There is a comfortable balance here between academics and the many other activities that enrich one’s life. The School is also committed to helping you develop a spiritual life. St. Joseph’s Chapel stands at the center of our beautiful campus.

Kent’s school motto is Simplicity of Life, Directness of Purpose, and Self-Reliance.

These values shape how students see the world. They ground students in the important things like friends and family, hard work, and honesty. They remind students that spiritual understanding and growth, though sometimes difficult, are necessary to know oneself and to know one’s path.

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