Ekies All Senses Resort

For Alexandra Efstathiadou, Ekies All Senses Resort is more than a hotel.  It is a childhood dream that has been reimagined in a modern way.  “As a little girl, I spent my summer vacations at Porto Capis, a hotel in Halkidiki that was located in a heavenly setting, surrounded by green pines and olive trees, wooded slopes and crystal blue waters.  I had so many happy memories from that place, so when I saw the place in ruins years later I knew I had to do something about it.  I talked to my dad, who loved the area as well, and we decided to buy the old building. My father wanted to clean the place up and leave it the way it had been — just an ordinary hotel.  However, I had another plan in mind: I wanted to create a property that would emphasize its natural surroundings while showcasing contemporary Greece through design, fabrics, and colours.  And thus, Ekies All Senses Resort was born.  It took us eleven years, collaborations with various Greek architects and interior designers, and lots of hard work, but finally the hotel has become the place I have always wanted; a place filled with love.”